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Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares v.1.0.4

Baldi's Basics in Nightmares v.1.0.4

It’s time to download Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares v.1.0.4 to experience new features, patches, fixes, and explorer a new “secret”. This is the updated version of Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares, which is completely free to download. The game is also strongly inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s game by Scott Cawthon. Your bravery will be tested once again. The difficulty for Normal and Super Hard modes in this updated version is a bit more balanced. Now, get yourself for this adventure! You will begin to guard a place where an animatronic robot is waiting for you somewhere. Think you can survive his attack? You have to if you want to win! The animatronic starts roaming the building. You will use the cameras with some good equipment to cope with him. Make sure he will not enter your room! You need to uncover the secret as well as keep the entire building safe during the night. Download Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares v.1.0.4 for free and wish you luck!

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