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Five Nights at Wario’s

Five Nights at Wario's

Five Nights at Wario’s is one of the best FNAF games made by a fan. It opens up another horror adventure where you come across lots of animatronic robots such as Wario, Waluigi, Luigi, Mario, and Peach. They are the animatronic mascots at a fictional fast-food factory where you work as a night watchman. You will sit in an office with cameras, doors, and lights. You have to make use of the cameras to check the corners inside the building as well as track the movement of the animatronics. You must find out where they are heading to, and attempt to close the doors in time so you can stop them from coming into your office. You should develop your smart strategies to deal with the robots and make sure you use your limited power smartly. Remember to check the dark places at the halls using the lights to see if there are any animatronics there or not. Try your hardest to survive them all and become the winner! Play and have fun with Five Nights at Wario’s free download!

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