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Five Nights in Anime (FNaF fangame)

Five Nights in Anime (FNaF fangame)

Five Nights in Anime is a fun FNaF fangame that is available to download and play. Enjoy a new and unique version with anime animatronics, dance, sing and more! It is a show of fans. However, you will not be there during the day. So, you will start off with a security guard. You are hired to watch robots in the building for a week, from 12 AM to 6 AM.

In Five Nights in Anime v5, they are anime girls. The coding inside their bodies has not been working properly. Hence, they are still searching for people to entertain in the night time. It is the period that they behave strangely. They own and can deploy jumpscares to catch the target. Unfortunately, you are the only man that they can look for within FNAF Gamejolt. You’d better block them before they enter your room for survival. Although the challenge can make you scared, you can obtain lots of enjoyable moments. Are you ready to discover such a joke to parody the FNaF franchise? Good luck!

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