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Project: Alisa’s Funplace REMASTERED

Project: Alisas Funplace REMASTERED

Project: Alisa’s Funplace REMASTERED is a fun horror game inspired by the series Five Nights at Freddy. It’s free for you to download on Gamejolt or play here! Similar to the original, there will be flashing lights along with loud s and a lot of deadly jumpscares. It is a version of Project: Alisa’s Funplace.

Discover the current Fnaf remake you need to defend yourself from every animatronic monster which can roam throughout the building from 12 AM to 6 AM. Unfortunately, it is the period of time that you are required to implement your shift. For 5 nights in Project: Alisa’s Funplace REMASTERED, you should keep them away from your area or you will be killed. There are many tools around your office. For example, security cameras will allow you to find the image of them while the remaining items will help you block their progress. Get ready to explore the story of the location and survive as long as possible!

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