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The End of McDonald’s

The End of McDonalds

The End of McDonald’s is a fan-made indie horror game formed by Stabvel 1235. It takes the inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s and can be played on Scratch. But now, you can download it for free then play it on your own Windows PC. This fan game is the sequel to Five Nights with Mac Tonight: First Fast Food, promising to bring you more challenges. After the closure of McDonald’s First-Fast Food and failure of McDonald’s, the JVE company made a decision on creating “FUTURE Fast-Food” in which McDonald’s will obtain the remastered mascots. The first thing they must do is to go find the ancient McDonald’s factory with all the old mascot animatronics. And they also need a night guard who can watch over the factory for 5 days to ensure that no one will steal stuff from the factory. You take this job but have no idea that something strange is happening here at night. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself while also making sure that the factor is totally safe during the night. Good luck to you!

The End of McDonald’s

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