Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to look around. Press Left mouse or left/right arrow to check cameras.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a free-to-play online Fnaf game. It is about a horror story set in a creepy pizzeria in the local. You are hired to watch the building for hours. The first shift will start at 12 AM. It is also the time that your foes, animatronic robots roam around areas to hunt and find you. They are Freddy and his friends. They are very cunning and they have not the same movement patterns. Meanwhile, you cannot leave the office to run away from them. So, you must stop them before they enter your room and catch you.

You are able to control cameras systems in Five Nights At Freddy’s game to follow their appearance. Besides, you can interact with other tools to block your enemies. Unfortunately, the power is not infinite. It will quickly deplete after you choose an item. Experience and see if how long you can survive!

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